In Japan, skin care is more than just a routine, it is a tradition.  Based on rituals from the Geisha, Gohan (rice) is a sacred ingredient known to bring good fortune, fertility and prosperity.  Gohan has high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which help many Japanese women maintain their flawless, healthy skin.


For centuries, The Yamaguchi women have had their own tradition of using left over rice water to cleanse their skin followed by rice bran oil to hydrate.  Erika Yamaguchi used her family's own beauty secrets to create Gohan Glow. Gohan Glow is an oil-serum, suited for all skin types with a focus on anti-aging, hydration and even skin tone.  This unique blend of fermented rice water, rice bran oil and a curated combination of essential oils will deliver the beautiful glow Japanese women are famous for. 


Erika is a licensed, NYC based esthetician who focuses on a holistic lifestyle. Erika studied skin care at Atelier Esthetique and through those studies, came to realize that many of the products we use contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to our bodies.  With this knowledge, she began to research a holistic solution to giving women of all ages, a healthy, glowing skin, using only the purest, most efficacious ingredients.  Erika nourishes her body with clean natural foods, together with a deep rooted yoga practice and Gohan Glow for healthy, beautiful skin. 

Gohan Glow is hand crafted in small batches, with natural ingredients and a lot of love.


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